28 December 2017

Holiday Pound Cake

 A delicious and moist pound cake that we have enjoyed every Christmas morning for many years. One of Mom's recipes.

Cream 1lb butter very thoroughly. Gradually blend in 2 cups sugar, beating well. Add 2 tsp vanilla extract.

In second bowl, beat 8 - 10 room-temperature eggs until light and fluffy. Add to butter alternately with 4 cups of all-purpose flour that has been sifted with 1-1/2 tsp salt.

In third bowl mix 8 oz glazed cherries; 2 cups walnut meats, chopped; 1-1/2 cups dried currants.

Grease and flour pans. Sandwich 3 layers of batter and 2 layers of filling.

Bake at 325.
10" tube pan - 2 hours
2 loaf pans - 90 minutes
3 small loaves - 75 minutes

Cool in pan 10 minutes. Remove and cool on rack.

My notes (not written on Mom's original recipe card):
  • I use unsalted butter and 10 extra-large eggs.
  • I cut the cherries in half as it makes it easier to distribute them in the layers
  • I find that the cake stays more moist in smaller pans; the biggest pans I use are  1-1/2 quart loaf pans. They measure 7"x3".  The recipe makes 2 cakes this size.

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